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Context Matters

One camera on your truck is good. More than one is better.


That's because context matters.

With spikes in nuclear verdicts and incidents of cargo theft, you can't afford to leave the fate of your drivers, your vehicles, and your business to chance.

With the added perspective from multiple cameras, you'll be better able to: 

  • Reconstruct events leading to a collision, often exonerating  your driver

  • Identity perpetrators of cargo theft

  • See what's going on in the vehicle's surroundings

  • Get clearer insight into driver behavior to use for safety training


With views from multiple perspectives, you’ll know exactly what happed in any event. And with a multi-camera telematics solution, you’ll be able to identify risky driving behaviors long before any incidents occur, empowering your drivers to adopt safer habits.

Contact your telematics service provider today and ask them how you can get more perspective on what’s going on with your vehicles.

Or click the button to set up a time for a demo. 

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