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Newest Wireless Video Technology Offers Fleets Longer Ranges and Enhanced Reliability

Most commercial fleets understand the benefits of adding cameras to their vehicles. They also appreciate that if one camera is good, more is better.

Cameras can play a crucial role in driver training, vehicle tracking, incident recording, and real-time safety protocols. They can be integrated with telematics and AI-powered coaching systems. They can even support a safety program that leads to reduced insurance premiums.

Or they can simply help drivers have better visibility into their surroundings while navigating tight spaces or busy highways.

Now, you might think the biggest obstacle to adopting business strategies based on cameras would be the cost of the cameras themselves. But you’d be wrong.

What’s Keeping Fleets from Using More Cameras?

The biggest obstacle is in fact the installation process, which tends to cost fleets even more than the cameras themselves. Vehicles have to be taken off the road. Wires have to be run the length of the trailer. Holes have to be drilled into the cab. The whole project is often lengthy and complicated. And it’s pricey.

You may be thinking, why not just use wireless cameras? Well, until recently, wireless technology simply couldn’t offer drivers and fleet managers the range and reliability that would make them effective in the typical use cases.

Fortunately, that’s all changed.

The Latest Advances in Wireless Video Technology

With the latest generation of wireless offerings, fleets can rely on cameras hundreds of feet from the receiver to provide uninterrupted feeds. Whether vehicles are operating in urban environments or remote areas, drivers and fleet managers can trust that their feeds will remain stable and clear.

This means that those complicated installations with bundles of tangled wires and extended downtimes are a thing of the past. Installing wireless cameras and pairing them with receivers or monitors is so easy, in fact, that fleets will have a chance to experiment with a wide array of configurations to figure out which best suits their needs.

Our New Wireless System

Convoy Technologies’ own new wireless system achieves test ranges of up to 200 feet. The cameras can be attached to any part of the vehicle where power is available. And pairing is as easy as pushing a button. The system can integrate with an existing telematics solution or be used as a stand-alone tool to provide drivers with enhanced visibility. And with feeds from up to four cameras, fleets will have the flexibility to customize their display setup to meet their unique needs.

Our wireless tools can also be integrated with existing video or telematics systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to operations. The receiver end of our system features the same inputs as our wired cameras, allowing for effortless integration without the need for additional hardware or modifications.

Product Highlights

Our new lineup of wireless tools includes:

1350RF Rear View / Backup Wireless Camera:

With a vehicle test range of up to 200 ft and line of sight up to 400 ft, this camera offers flexibility and reliability in various environments. Its IP68 rating ensures durability, while features like EZ Pairing and mirror switch enhance usability.

1350HRF Rear View / Backup Wireless Camera:

Built specifically for heavy-duty vehicles, this camera is designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use, providing reliable performance when it matters most.

M7304HRF Wireless Recording Monitor:

This monitor supports up to four wireless camera connections and features a MicroSD card slot for video recording. With EZ Pairing and support for various image models, it offers versatility and convenience for fleet managers.

W141RX Wireless Receiver:

Supporting up to four wireless camera connections, this receiver offers seamless integration with Convoy HD Monitors or MDVRs. Its flexible antenna option and GX12 interface connection ensure compatibility and ease of use.

Contact us today for a demo. Or come see us at TMC from March 4 through the 7th at Booth 1203.

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