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[Relocated] Tacos for Truckers 2 in Markle, IN on Sept 16

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

On Thursday, September 16 from 11:00 am till 5:00 pm, Convoy Technologies will be teaming up with Flora & Lily’s Mexican Kitchen to offer free meals for commercial drivers at Gei-Corp, located at Markle Tire & Truck, 720 W. Logan St. in Markle, IN, 46770, just off Exit 286. (The event was originally to be located at the rest stop at MM325 on I-69). They will call the event “Tacos for Truckers 2,” after the first event like this the company held in April of 2020.

Truck drivers have been the unsung heroes of the coronavirus pandemic, risking their health and working longer hours to keep our stores and health care facilities stocked with essential goods and equipment. Since National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is celebrated from Sept. 12 to the 18th, Convoy Technologies felt this was the perfect time to show drivers some gratitude.

As Convoy Technologies’ President Ron Harker says, “These drivers didn’t stay home during the lockdowns like the rest of us. They kept getting up every day and hitting the road. That’s why we still had food on the shelves at the grocery stores. That’s why our doctors and nurses were getting the supplies they needed to take care of our friends and loved ones. And they’re still going full-speed today—and then some. We should all be grateful to them. We felt buying them lunch was the least we could do.”

Drivers will be able to choose among:

· 3 tacos

· 1 burrito

· 1 Mexican bowl

· 1 plate of nachos

· 1 quesadilla.

The food truck will be stocked to provide up to 400 meals throughout the day. And Convoy Technologies will also be offering drinks and care packages.

About Convoy Technologies, Inc.: Headquartered in Fort Wayne, IN, Convoy Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative industrial-grade safety products, including cameras, monitors, sensors, recording systems, and accessories, serving the Heavy Duty On- and Off-Road Industries. Our goal is to provide education and leading-edge products geared toward improving the safety, productivity, and security of our partners.

About Lily & Flora’s Mexican Kitchen: Lily and Flora are two sisters who, along with their beautiful mother, want to bring you delicious Mexican food. They come from a big family of restaurant owners in their beloved country of México. You can catch their food truck by following them on social media.

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